How You Can Fix That Facebook Link Post Misspelling (Without Deleting)

by | Feb 26, 2016

You’ve messed up. Bad.

You’ve misspelled your client’s name or included the wrong facts in the Title or Description of your Facebook link post.

You’re horrified because while you could change the social language, but anything in the link is locked and you’re stuck if you don’t want to lose the interactions already on the post.

Well, you’re in luck because there is a way to fix it!

Here’s how:

  1. Change the title and description in the SEO feature on the backend of your website to the correct wording. Save your updated post.
  2. Go to your Facebook page with the post that has the incorrect information.
  3. Click on “Publishing Tools” then click on the post that has the error.
  4. Click on the small dropdown arrow on the upper righthand corner of the post.
  5. If need be, click on “More Options”
    Facebook Refresh Attachment - More Options
  6. Click on “Refresh Share Attachment”
    Facebook Refresh Attachment
  7. Verify that the updated version is correct and click “Save”
    Facebook Refresh Attachment - Save
  8. You win the day.

NOTE: If you don’t control the website you’re pulling the link from, there aren’t any options to fix the information.


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