About Me

I’m a St. Louis native who grew up visiting family in the South throughout my childhood. It didn’t surprise anyone when I went to the University of South Carolina for my undergraduate studies. Throughout my college years, I dove into the realm of digital marketing and learned various social media platforms as they were just coming onto the scene. I also founded several blogs, including one that focused on the South Carolina Statehouse. Through connections made by working on this blog, I landed my first job out of college at Push Digital in the summer of 2011.

For eight years, I helped lead the digital side of political, issue advocacy, nonprofit, and corporate campaigns all over the country. We weren’t focused on fundraising or ticket sales like at a lot of other digital companies. Instead, people came to us for help building their brand, recovering their reputation after a crisis, or driving people online to take some sort of action that would have a real impact offline.

Before all of this, I founded Need by Need, a 501(c)3 nonprofit that focuses on helping other small nonprofit groups in need. Since 2007, I have helped various nonprofits across the country raise funds for specific needs and more recently manage their Google for Nonprofit Ad Grants.

Currently, I live with my wife Sarah in Wilmington, NC, and consult for businesses and organizations across the country, helping accomplish their offline goals through digital means.

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