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I am a digital marketer with experience helping corporations and issue advocacy groups accomplish their offline goals through strategic online campaigns that utilize engaging video, eye-catching graphic design, and cutting-edge digital advertising techniques. Let’s connect.

Between in-house assets and expert partnerships, I have the digital tools to help grow your business. Here’s how…

Digital Strategy

Develop a detailed strategy customized to your business to help you accomplish your goals online.

Personal & Business Branding

Build a comprehensive online personal & business brand that will grow your bottom line with the help of worksheets and one-on-one meetings.


Google Advertising

Get your business in search results, follow your customers around the internet with display ads, and promote your videos in preroll.

Geofence Advertising

Target your ads geographically to specific tradeshows, events, venues, or brick and mortar locations.

Programmatic Advertising

Reach an audience of specific demographics, interests, behavior, and geographical features.

Social Media Advertising

Promote your business on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others.

Whiteboard Explainer Videos

Produce compelling video content explaining your business, process, or services in a whiteboard or chalkboard format.

Stock Imagery Listicle Videos

Craft engaging listicle videos perfect for sharing on social media, blogs, and with your target audience.

Website Design & Development

Create a professional and action-driving website that fits your business’s needs.

Graphic Design

Design logos, printed materials, digital assets, and any other needed pieces for your business.

SEO-Optimized Content

Get content written for your target audience and optimized to be found online.

Custom Analytics Dashboards

Combine your analytics from social media, websites, email marketing, and more into one easy to read report.


Learn how you can get free help with Google’s Ad Grant, which provides $10,000 per month in search advertising to promote your 501(c)3 nonprofit! Check out our nonprofit partner, Need by Need, to learn more.

Updates & Advice

See what I’ve been up to and get the latest digital marketing advice to help your business grow.
Three Free Digital Tools Every Nonprofit Needs Right Now

Three Free Digital Tools Every Nonprofit Needs Right Now

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7 Must-Have Mobile Apps That Allow Me To Work From Anywhere

7 Must-Have Mobile Apps That Allow Me To Work From Anywhere

I like to be able to work from anywhere. And that’s not just from a travel/trip sense. I love the remote worker life and the freedom it gives to me to pick my work location, even if that’s just somewhere around town. So for those days when I decide to head to Oxford...

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